A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

I was unabashedly excited to go to DISNEYLAND last weekend! And this time I got to go without having to wear a leash! (seriously, this happened – ask my mom and/or therapist who I’ve had to work out the damage inflicted with).*

If you don’t love Disney and everything even remotely related to Disney, there is a 120% chance that you have no soul. Seeing as my friends and I DO have souls though, we decided to take a trip to Disneyland Paris on Saturday.

Besides having to get to the bus by 7 in the morning and the non-stop rain**, we had an awesome day and I managed to keep my public Disney sing-a-longs to a minimum (I dare you to hear the phrase “Hakuna Matata” and NOT want to sing it while skipping around in Minnie ears). Disneyland Paris has two parks: one is just called Disneyland and has more of the classic feel, while the other is more like movie studios and more rides-focused. We went to the former, and creepily kept our eyes out for Disney characters and photo ops the entire day. We were papparazzi, and Mickey Mouse was our Lindsay Lohan. Unfortunately, we never caught up to that elusive bastard, but we did get the next best thing:

CELEB SIGHTING. Does anyone know how to get in touch with TMZ or Perez Hilton about getting photos published??

The rides were pretty great too, although no one shared my enthusiasm for the kiddie ride where you get to sit in the baby elephants and go around in a circle, so I had to forego that one. Besides a bunch of rollercoasters, we went on one of those rides where you ride in a car that’s on a track, so pretty much you’re not actually driving the car but when you’re a kid you feel like the coolest person ever. Anyways, we were doing that and of course mine ran out of gas halfway through, so I had to awkwardly sit and wait for someone to come get me. It wouldn’t have been that bad had it not been for the snotty French kid who yelled “HAHA” while driving right past me. Imagine it how Nelson from “The Simpsons” says it, and you’ll understand the profound shame I felt.

As you can see from this completely spontaneous picture of me being one with nature, I was pretty much born to be a Disney princess.

Although Disneyland Paris was a little underwhelming compared to the ones in the U.S., it felt comforting to be in a place just a little bit “American”, even if only for a day. Plus, walking around the little town, listening to Disney songs and taking pictures by the princess castle, took me back to a time when my idea of “Prince Charming” entailed more than a guy in a tight v-neck who “paid” for dinner by swiping me into the dining hall. Ok, sorry, cynicism over….seriously though, if anyone knows a guy bearing a resemblance to Aladdin (obvi the hottest Disney “prince”), hook a sister up.

With the end of our trip, I was able to add one thing to my bucket list: being a Disney character/mascot. Note: I am not stipulating that I must be affiliated with Disney and/or its enterprises in any way. I am merely saying that I will be wearing a Disney mascot costume (probably Goofy if we’re being real) and making some sort of public appearance. Get ready Marquette University Papa John’s at 4 in the morning!

That is me in the Cowman costume, shortly after I had a dance-off with that guy in the brain costume. Tell me I am not over-qualified to be a Disney character.

*To be fair, my parents did have to deal with my twin brother AND me when were were just a few years old. Also, Casey (my twin brother) was reportedly a nightmare when he was younger – I, of course, have always been nothing but well-behaved, courteous, and disconcertingly attractive.

**As one of my friends adeptly pointed out, it wasn’t just rain, but “DISNEY rain.” I think this means, besides being awesome, that the rain comes from the tears of children who have just watched the opening scene of “Bambi”.


After my initial post, my family members sent me a number of awesome pictures that I could not help but share:

My first “meeting Mickey Mouse” experience. As you can see, it was so magical even the woman in the background was captivated.

Who do you think deserved the leash and who do you think would have done just fine without it? Based solely on this picture.


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