When Drunkenly Throwing Cheese Curds at People Isn’t What It Used To Be

So tomorrow is the big day! No, don’t worry guys, I’m not about to go all Judy Blume on you and talk about my first period – or, for the politically correct, “menstruation”-tomorrow is a different kind of big day….the day I leave for France!

As I lay here semi-comatose on my Nana’s couch after a delicious American meal containing practically zero nutritional value, I can’t help but get a little nervous. It seems I have completely abandoned my Girl Scout roots and no longer abide by their motto “always be prepared”; I’m not even sure exactly where I am going once I land in Paris, or how I am getting there. Plus, who needs pesky things like sheets and pillows for their bed, right?


My dog Jack came with us for our road trip to Chicago (my flight leaves from O’Hare). As you can see, he is where I get my passion for exploration.

This past week has been awesome and, to be honest, I have been spoiled beyond belief. I would say that the inaugural “Katie Week”, declared so by my parents, was a resounding success….inquiries on celebratory apparel for next year’s can be sent to my email. And in a weird way, my trip to Marquette this weekend, while a lot of fun, was pretty affirming that I made the right choice in studying abroad.

Although my night involved projectile vomiting and train-wreck ex-boyfriend encounters, surprisingly, I was guilty of neither of these things and, call me crazy, but it was actually kind of nice. It was also kind of nice to walk around campus and observe the millions of freshmen (is it just me, or are there more than ever?). I realized that maybe, just maybe, I have gotten past the point in my life where crying and/or spilling my life’s secrets to complete strangers and making out with guys that use the term “swag” are commonly accepted actions – although, to be honest, I cannot promise that I will not do both of these things at least once while in France, though I am unfamiliar with the French word for swag. It is probably worth a google though.


My last night at Marquette. Can’t you just feel the maturity.

Back to the point, I am kind of glad that I waited to go on this adventure until later in my college career, because I feel like I am finally at the point in my life where I will be able to truly appreciate it. And now that I’m a little more mature, I think I can keep the instances of public weeping to under three a week – fingers crossed! Thanks to everyone who made this last week awesome and who have been so supportive of me, my trip, and this blog.

Au revoir America! France, get ready to rock this shit.


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